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A lament of the people March 21, 2008

Posted by eyegillian in diversity, life, world.
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Cartoon by Ben Sargent

Today, according to the calendar of the fragmented empire of Christendom, is Good Friday. On this day, when Good (or Well-Respected) People did a Bad Thing to a Good Person, it seems appropriate to name other wretched times in our history when Good People did Bad Things.

I’m thinking specifically of crimes committed in the name of religion, overtly or covertly. I’m thinking of witch hunts and the Inquisition, the Crusades, and the Wars of Religion. I’m thinking of the Slave Trade. I’m thinking of pogroms, fatwas, and hate campaigns against women, homosexuals and immigrants. I’m thinking of the systematic annihilation, repression and cultural genocide of indigenous peoples in the Caribbean, Australia, and North and South America. I’m thinking of the Holocaust and Apartheid. I’m thinking of the bloody histories of Ireland and the Middle East.

I wish there was one place in this world where there was no violence, no repression, no war, no hunger, no person who wished to do harm to another in the name of God. I wish that terms like “holy war” and “religious violence” would never again be part of our daily news.

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1. lavenderbay - March 21, 2008

Amen. Kyrie Eleison!

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