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The song of the unwound road April 20, 2008

Posted by eyegillian in change, explore, learn, life.
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the road goes ever on

My recent (ahem) invitation to change my blog title (read my previous post for more on that) has given me a chance to think about what this blog has become, and where it is going.

When I first chose the title “Exploratorium”, I had no idea what I was going to write about, or if I was going to have anything to say at all. Stories about this and that gradually coalesced into a random collection that reflected different interests of mine, and gradually the category titles started to show a pattern: environment, nature, science, communication, technology, world… Well, maybe pattern is too strong a word, but what I think holds all these subjects together (besides “stuff you learn in school”) are the twins of curiosity and imagination. To use a road metaphor — since this is now my blog identity — curiousity makes me wonder what’s around the next corner, and imagination accompanies me on the way.

The point of life is the journey, not the end. The journey is the act of learning, listening and looking along the way. The pilgrim steps into the labyrinth, following an ancient path with many corners, walking toward the centre and walking away, the path unwinding as the physical movement becomes a spiritual practice. This is a journey of body and spirit.

So I’ve come to think about “explore” in a different way, as a path to a deeper understanding about life. And as I let my curiosity and imagination lead me around the next corner, I’m also finding out more about myself and my own capacity for compassion and change.

And thanks to all who have been so kind and encouraging. It’s been heartening to find some friends to travel with as the road unwinds around the next corner.



1. lavenderbay - April 21, 2008

Congratulations on your new I.D., and such a lovely post to announce it!
When I came to your page and clicked “Add to Blogroll”, I was surprised to look on my page and find both Exploratorium and The Unwound Road absent. I tried using my browser history list to bring your site up again, clicked “Add to Blogroll” once more, and this time it worked. Mysteries!
Looking forward to many more twists and turns along the road with you.

2. eyegillian - April 21, 2008

Thank you, lavenderbay!

And I say yes to mystery, too… (hmmm, should I have called my blog “mysterium”? No, too Latin-churchy sounding.) I really like not knowing what’s around the next corner, otherwise I might not be an optimist!

3. goodbear - April 21, 2008

i love it! and what a great picture! it makes me home sick! it looks just like the road i learned to drive on.
….TRIED to learn to drive on.

4. eyegillian - April 21, 2008

Thanks, goodbear for your visit and comment! I think it would be a fun road to drive on… with a four-wheel drive — it might be a bit bumpy for a first-timer! This road is actually part of the Bruce Trail on the Bruce Peninsula, taken when we (ie. eyegillian and lavenderbay, aka J. Bruce!) were orchid-searching and bird-watching on Victoria Day weekend last year. I really hope we get back there this year, it is such a beautiful area…

5. paula - April 22, 2008

The reason and explanation for your unwound road is beautifully described. Your words and the image lead me along; I’m both intrigued and curious too. I look forward to following the sinuous steps of the labyrinth.

6. eyegillian - April 22, 2008

Thanks, Paula! As I was reading your comment, and thinking about turns, I got one of those “tuneworms” stuck in my head: “to everything (turn turn turn) there is a season…” Appropriate for spring, too!

7. Checkers - April 22, 2008

Great new title; love the photo in this post. I can only imagine the wonderful smells deposited along that road!

8. eyegillian - April 22, 2008

Ah, you are so right, Checkers — just think of all the mice, deer, porcupines, skunks, squirrels… mind you, there is also a poisonous snake, the Massassauga Rattler, that lives in the area. Maybe it’s better just to imagine being there! Thanks for your visit and comment!

9. Richard - April 22, 2008

Love the new name – in ways I’m glad those people contacted you about copyright because now you’ve replaced an excellent name with an absolutely amazing name! 🙂 The new image header is beautiful too. Well done!

10. eyegillian - April 22, 2008

Wow, from “excellent” to “absolutely amazing” — I’m overwhelmed with your superb superlatives, Richard! Thanks for the compliment.

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