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Tim: a fond farewell November 14, 2008

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Tim imitating the discus statue at the Auckland Museum.

Tim died yesterday, a few weeks into his 81st year. Tim was an original.  Tim was my uncle.

tim-2My father’s eldest brother, Tim was a confirmed bachelor. He invited Janet (Lavenderbay) and me to Hawaii when he was helping to cheer on his athletic brother in the Ironman. We shared a lovely condo, with a “lanai” overlooking the sea. This was the first time I had a chance to get to know my uncle, because he lived in New Zealand. We spent a day visiting Volcano National Park, and Tim was up for every adventure.

When we finally made the long trip to New Zealand a few years ago, Tim paid for our airline tickets. He was there to entertain us on our last day in Auckland, driving us around and telling us convoluted and fascinating stories of everything under the sun.tim-3

So, in honour of the eccentric and delightful Tim, here are a few traits to treasure:

  • He loved his root vegetables. In Hawaii, his favourite meal for any time of the day (when we weren’t cooking) was onion, potato, edoes, and whatever else was handy — along with lots of fresh ginger and garlic — all cooked together. And, to top it off he drank the cooking liquid.
  • He drove a mauve-coloured car, standard, in a somewhat (how do I say) distracted manner.
  • He strongly supported Amnesty International, and read voraciously all the news of the world.
  • He had visited Papua New Guinea several times, and tramped through wilderness and up mountains in New Zealand and further afield, until his knee gave out.
  • He loved to laugh and have long conversations, and would even sing if asked. At his 80th birthday party, he sang his school song.

Sing on, Tim. Sing on.



1. Dennis the Vizsla - November 14, 2008

Tim sounds like a great uncle. His car was cute, too.

2. eyegillian - November 14, 2008

Thanks, Dennis — he was an unconventional guy, but in many ways like my grandmother, and I hope I have some of those genes as well.

3. paula - November 14, 2008

From what you’ve written I feel that here was a person who lived his life, every second of it, in the way he wanted, in the moment he wanted. I like that. Here’s to you, Tim…

4. Jack's Mom - November 14, 2008

What a great man! I’m glad you both got out to NZ to see him last year. Certainly his love of life is obvious in your photographs. The world is a sadder place without him. Thinking of you.

5. eyegillian - November 14, 2008

I like to think Tim was like that, Paula, although I suspect that he became more (free to be) himself as he got older! (I hope you find that as inspiring as I do…!)

Thanks for dropping by, Jack’s Mom, and for the kind thoughts. Time has gone by so fast — when I checked the dates, it was nearly three years ago that we were in NZ! I was glad to find I had a few good photos to remember him by.

6. Alyson - November 15, 2008

Thankyou for sharing your love of Tim with us E.g. Everyone should have a person like to Tim to know, to teach us about living. Here’s cheers!

7. eyegillian - November 15, 2008

Thanks, Alyson — let’s all raise a glass for the Tims of this world, past, present and future!

8. paula - November 16, 2008

Yes, I do!

9. Ana - March 29, 2009


I had never seen your blog (?), but I found it as I was searching for a picture of “earth hour”.

Let me tell you, it is beautiful. The graphics and all its atmosphere… I understand english (I’m portuguese) but some words are quite hard to, so it’s kind of difficult to read big textes (it’s anoying). Even though, I think I’m going to follow your posts, since I really enjoyed this space 🙂

As to your uncle, it’s sad to lose the ones we love… and it seemed he was a very interesting and cheerful person. I, too, have lost my aunt. A beautiful, loving woman. And I, too, haven’t known her until some years ago. I’m sorry that I haven’t known her earlier. She was really sweet… I’ll never forget her… :’)

May my aunt and your uncle rest in peace and in our hearts.

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